About us

The main focus of the company is distribution of innovative medical devices including introduction of new innovative medical products to the Czech market as well as to other EU countries markets.

The key products of the company are in particular nanofiber patterns and also special wound covers with proven considerable antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral effects of silver cations. As those products had not been available on the Czech market before, their introduction helped to improve the quality of Czech healthcare and ensured long-term antiseptic protection in healthcare, veterinary and food processing industries.

In addition, besides production and sales activities ING MEDICAL invests continually in development activities in the attractive segment of innovative medical devices using nanofibres and seeks to consolidate its market position and strengthen long-term competitiveness in this promising sector at the same time. The company thus cooperate with Universities and other leading agencies in the field of nanotechnology. In addition to the company´s headquarters based in Prague, the company runs also two research centres (in Central Bohemia and Liberec regions).

Company is also involved in distribution of grade medical devices - sophisticated devices for the healthcare e.g. homecare.

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